For people who love a challenge; ‘yes we can’

The Relocation Engineers are deployed over a series of disciplines. These all-round professionals, industrial relocation staff have undergone training on mechanical and electrical subject matter. Obviously, they hold safety certificates such as the SCC (VCA) and SCC** (VCA-VOL), as well as forklift driving licences and truck driving related diplomas. They also hold certificates for working with mobile cranes, aerial platforms, and hall cranes. They are all professionals who show passion, have knowledge, skills, and experience covering a wide range of machinery, equipment, and technology. The commercial removal team at Convoi can provide flexible and creative solutions using their owned equipment. This is why Convoi projects are carried out using our own equipment.

It is not only their technical knowledge which is important. They are professionals who are used to working overseas because quite literally projects have to be carried out worldwide. They can interact with people from different cultures, can speak different languages, and are used to spending long periods of time away from home. Our ‘relocation engineers’ are capable of anything!

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