… down to the last detail…

Testing & Commissioning (T&C) extends beyond ‘turn-key’ and beyond ‘commissioning’. The terms are closely interlinked but there are some significant differences. The latter two terms are completed with a ‘cold run’. Everything is checked for correct operation and connections, before the installation phase is handed over to the customer.

During Testing & Commissioning, Convoi will actually assist in the initial production phase. A ‘hot run’ will then take place which uses raw materials and actually products will be made. This entails fine-tuning and testing the machine, plan, or production line so that the end product can be formed with the right quantities, and within the requested tolerances. This also includes robot teaching: not only does the robot make the correct moves, but this movement is within the requested tolerances. T&C is carried out in consultation with the customer, and potentially in conjunction with the OEMs.

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