We can adjust production lines for every facelift...

Automotive OEMs and tier 1 & 2 suppliers are solid acquaintances of Convoi. Expertise, punctuality, and vehicle brand independence are just some of the reasons why Convoi can call on many testimonials within this industry sector. We work for all of the major car manufacturers. We have carried out projects for tier 1 & 2 suppliers all over the world.

Car models change on a regular basis. During each facelift, (parts of) production lines are renewed, modified, relocated, or lines may be moved to a different location to be rebuild. All of these operations, relocations and new to be installed door-lines, TUBs, BIWs, engine assembly lines, printing lines, painting lines, etc. can be carried out by Convoi. From decommissioning to handing over a product line turn-key which includes teaching robots, or including testing and commissioning.

If you want to know more about how we work and about our projects, then please have a look at our testimonials. Should you require advice or a quotation, please contact us.