One main contractor, one point of contact, one supervisor: That’s Convoi.

In most cases, a new machine or production line will arrive in parts. These must be assembled and installed correctly. Perhaps you are thinking: The OEM deal with this? Yes they often can, however Convoi can supervise the entire process, also in consultation with the OEM. Convoi acts as a main contractor and can organise everything from transportation to commissioning. Even when several OEMs or subcontractors are involved. You have one point of contact and one main supervisor who takes full responsibility, which is highly practical in terms of communication and implementation.

Convoi not only has considerable experience in various industry sectors, we also have many technicians with different areas of expertise. This way the right team can always be assigned to your project. These technicians have the ability to build and assemble your plant, machinery or production line and can also carry out any precision mechanical assembly for you. Obviously Convoi can also carry out any electrical-, hydraulic- or pneumatic work to assemble and connect the machines completely.

If you want to know more about how we work and about our projects, then please have a look at our testimonials. Should you require advice or a quotation, please contact us.