All newspapers in Spain use printing presses installed by Convoi

Positioning large gravure pressers, or offset printing machinery within the printing industry is a speciality of Convoi. We can do this for you as a customer, but also for the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the press. Our technicians are able assemble (offset) printing presses with all mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic connections, turnkey throughout the world.

Within these industry sectors, Convoi has set-up a wide range of printing presses:

Rotogravure printing presses, offset printing presses, gravure presses, rotary presses, calendar rolls, steam tables, lifting systems, slicing machines, slicers, folding machines, and with various manufacturers including Cerutti, Heidelberg, Koening & Bauer (KBA), MAN Roland, Mitsubishi, Komori, WIFAG, and Shinohara.

Further information regarding these projects can be found via the testimonials section.

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