Positive results by international cooperation

Convoi Switzerland has installed a metal press for the Spanish company Fagor Arrasate at the car parts manufacturer ElringKlinger in Sevelen Switzerland. The heaviest part of the press weighed more than 100T. An operation that asked a lot from the flexibility of the international Convoi team.

Selected assignment

Convoi carries out many installation and assembly assignments throughout Europe for Fagor Arrasate, a company specialized in industrial metal presses. When Fagor Arrasate received the order for a metal press from the Swiss company ElringKlinger, the connection with Convoi was quickly made.

"We installed the various parts of the press with a 620 ton lift system and then realized the mechanical and electrical assembly," says Simon Spinnler, director of Convoi Switzerland. "An intensive project, especially because in the factory where the press had to be installed, the other metal presses simply were running."

International team

The work in Sevelen was carried out by experienced employees of the international Convoi team. "Switzerland is obviously not an EU country," Spinnler continues, "but because Convoi Schweiz AG was the main contractor, we were able to manage the complex labor procedures. In this way we were able to offer a competitive package and, at the same time, fully comply with the Swiss labor laws, as well as the safety requirements EKAS 6508. "

The collaboration between our international team, the Swiss and the Spanish supervisor of Fagor Arrasate went very smoothly. "It is great to see that everyone on the shop floor knows what needs to be done, even with respect to the challenging schedule of Fagor Arrasate.

Thanks to the dedication and great flexibility of the Convoi team, the project was realized to the full satisfaction of the customer."

Up and running

Fagor's Arrasate client ElringKlinger was also very satisfied with the project execution. Spinnler: "A day before an important management review from their client Daimler, the metal press was up and running and the hall was swept. That is the way to make friends of course!"

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