Between Christmas and New Year Convoi will be executing three major relocation projects for the universities of Utrecht, Delft and Amsterdam. These projects present complex logistical challenges that require specific knowledge and experience.

Challenges of working in the city center

In Utrecht, 150 workspaces, 1,500 meters of archives from the university of applied sciences (HU) and another 330 workplaces from the university of Utrecht (UU) will be relocated. Both the HU and the UU will move their activities from the old city center to locations on the outskirts of the city. “Projects in the city center always require very careful preparation”, says Ton van Ommen, project leader at Convoi. “The parking and traffic exemptions must be applied for on time. Furthermore the work has to be executed in a zone with special environmental requirements; for example Convoi must use trucks that meet the highest emission standards. Another challenge will be the absence of elevators in the old buildings therefore complete departments will have to be emptied via the stairwell. A tough job for our men."

Planned to perfection

Convoi will be simultaneously undertaking another project in Delft at the Technical University (TU). Seven floors comprising study and workplaces, meeting rooms, research and catering spaces will be relocated within the TU building complex. “These types of projects must be executed 100% on planning,” says Mark Koppenberg, commercial manager at Convoi. "We have a very strict deadline and the project must be completed on time regardless of the challenges encountered. After the Christmas holiday everything has to be finished, whatever circumstances we encounter. Convoi has a lot of experience with this type of projects. Project managers who specialize in the education sector advise the clients project teams. Convoi recently won a major tender in Amsterdam for the University (UvA) and University of applied sciences (HvA), therefore we will be responsible for a large number of challenging relocation projects in Amsterdam over the forthcoming four years. The skills and experience that Convoi possess makes us an outstanding partner in this sector.”

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