Eindhoven, 15 mei 2017

A MRI-Scanner that won’t fit through the doorway of a hospital? Convoi has the solution. The rotation tool, which has been designed by Convoi Engineering, is applied worldwide by one of our medical system customers, this weekend in South-Korea.

Convoi places the MRI-Scanner in the hospital in Daegu. Contract manager Frans Scheffers traveled to the Korean academic city to manage the process.

Scheffers: “It’s not the first time the 2,47 meter high MRI-Scanner won’t fit through a doorway. For this reason Convoi developed a rotation tool that will fit a MRI-Scanner and can rotate the MRI-scanner 71 degrees. After rotation the MRI-scanner it will fit through a 2 meter high opening, the height of a standard doorway.

It is an extremely precarious job because the cooling mechanism has to remain in operation throughout the placement process. “the MRI-scanners magnets are cooled with liquid helium. When the pressure is applied it has to remain operative at a temperature of almost minus 270 degrees gotCelsius.

The job in Daegu shows again that Convoi can operate fast. Scheffers “I got a call on Thursday afternoon with the definitive ‘go’ from our customer, that night I boarded the plane to Korea. What I found extraordinary is that my colleagues shipped the 1500 kilogram rotation tool with the necessary documents that same night. To be quite honest I was a little relieved to see the rotation tool in Daegu. Within two day the MRI-scanner was fully operational and I was on my way back to the Netherlands.

Frans Scheffers has places many MRI-scanners in different locations worldwide, including China, Hong Kong and Japan.

“It’s a challenging technical job where you have to master the difficulties in the difference cultural aspects. Cooperating with technical specialists from other cultures is one of the challenges you learn to deal with through experience. I have to say, the job is South-Korea went excellent, there were hardly any communication problems or misunderstandings.

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