Maastricht, 7 July 2017

Quite a challenge, literally and figuratively. Convoi relocated a complete press line with four stamping presses from Rennes in France to Kenitra in Morocco. The presses have in total a press force of 5.000.000 kilograms. The transportation weight of the complete press line is approx 1.500.000 kilograms.

Thorough transport plan
Convoi manages the project for the Italian press manufacturer Aida at a large French automotive company. Convoi’s project manager Wilbert Franken is in charge of the project an commutes between Rennes (France), Kenitra (Morocco) and Milan (Italy).

Franken: “Our mechanics and electricians know everything are professionals and skilled in the dis- and reassembly of these presses. The real challenge in this project is the planning and logistics. We have to transport oversized and very heavy part with weights of more than 100.000 kilograms by means of special transport to the harbor of Le Havre. From this location it will be shipped to northern Africa. After arriving in Casablanca the cargo will be transported on a trucks to their final destination: Kenitra.”

This may seem like a simple task, but the sheer weight of the parts requires a very thorough transportation plan.

“We analyzed the complete route, including the load capacity of the bridges; checked the entire route in on obstacles in view of the length trucks (40 m length) and load width(5,50 m). Another challenging fact, not every road detail in Morocco is mapped in a navigation system!”

Planning is essential. “the new location is a greenfield project in the desert which is not suited to accommodate too many loads at once. Just-In-Time planning is essential for the success of this project”

Risk analysis
The project has a total lead time of only 30 weeks. Every step was planned by Wilbert Franken in smallest detail. “To secure an optimal production up-time we try to eliminate all possible delays”

The project is fully on schedule and this summer the Convoi specialist will travel to Morocco to start with the reassembly and commissioning of the press line.

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