Convoi was contracted by Kingspan Unidek GmbH in autumn 2011 to move its entire plant and production operation 500 kilometres from Burkhardt near Chemnitz to Bretten near Karlsruhe, Germany. Kingspan Unidek GmbH is a company recognised for its competences in thermal insulation, sound insulation and moisture protection. The company slogan is that every house has it, every house needs it.

The integration of market leader Unidek Gefinex GmbH in the Kingspan Group on 1 April 2011 resulted in the creation of a new company called Kingspan Unidek GmbH. The high-quality thermal insulation products made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) marketed under the Unidek brand are now manufactured at the production site at Bretten (Baden-Wuerttemberg). Kingspan Unidek GmbH is a skilled partner for solutions for new-builds, rehabilitation, renovation and modernisation involving roofs, ceilings, walls and floors.

The entire relocation was accomplished from November 2011 to March 2012 with an average of 22 employees. This project had two notable features. The first was to move a cutting plant (see picture) with a total length of 77.2 meters. The second was to get the boiler room out of the first floor using several mobile cranes and a machine platform (6 × 3 m/15 tons), but not as a one-to-one move because that would have been too easy… The boiler house was dismantled in Burkhardtsdorf and transported to Bretten, where after a complete mechanical and electrical conversion it was reassembled, with new plumbing, new wiring and so on. A total of 58 transport runs, special movements and night transport with a police escort were needed to get the job done.