Successful, innovative and forward-looking have for many years been the hallmarks of Kronospan, a company with a clear commitment to quality, performance and tradition. Regionally and globally it is a leading manufacturer of wood products and operates four sites in Germany. Its Steinheim-Sandebeck site specializes in particle board, coating, sawing and logistics. At Lampertswalde/Dresden the focus is on laminate, while Sprela GmbH of Spremberg also concentrates on laminate. The group employs 11,000 people.

Convoi was contracted to relocate an MDF board plant from Magdeburg in Germany to Smorgon in Belarus, a distance of around 1,300 km.

At present Convoi has about 35 engineers working on the disassembly of the plant machinery, including a 40-metre long “Küsters” press, a 30-meter high-tech steel structure and a finishing section with an 85-ton grinding machine. Across the entire site at Magdeburg there are up to 300 engineers from 4 countries working on the dismantling of various machines.

The main challenge of this project was in documenting the disassembly of the modules to allow their simple reassembly in Belarus. Another difficultly was coordinating 10 mobile cranes on the construction site. At this time the project has been finished successfully.

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