Utrecht, 1 june 2017

Convoi relocated the European distribution centre of Hyundai Heavy Industries in Belgium in just eight weeks. A special project, “We prepared the relocation plan of approach with a bare minimal of information”.

Different than usual, that is how you could call this warehouse relocation. The distribution centre containing, among other thing, parts for excavators and forklift trucks, had to be relocated from Geel to the new location in neighbouring town; Tessenderlo. Convoi prepared the relocation with nothing more than one A4 document containing an inventory list.

Project manager Armand Sollet: “We planned out the whole logistic process including the resource planning with the limited information provided. Quite a challenge, this is due to the variation in pieces, form the smallest O-rings to complete exhaust systems. In addition to that we had a limited timeframe of one and a half week, before and after this timeframe ‘the store had to be open for business’. For an optimal result we adapted the processes of the customer in our way of working.

Because the main contractor postponed the opening of the new location several times, Convoi had to repeatedly adjust the planning. “It was a matter of communicating and changing every day to remain on the ball”.

Convoi completed the challenge with 25 relocation specialists. “During the drafting of the relocation plan we collaborated with the customer to involve their own employees. A good move. We benefited from each other’s experience which resulted in a smooth transition. There was an additional benefit for the customer: The Hyundai employees where familiar with the new location before the warehouse was even opened.

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