We think about our future, your future, and our children’s future

Convoi thinks about the future, your future, and our children’s future. We recognise the importance of minimising the impact of projects on the environment. This is also the reason why Convoi is certified to ISO14001 standards.

Our values are defined in such a way that the working conditions for all employees are maximised as much as possible. Safety and the environment are paramount, and form a part of our daily business. Environmental issues are described in the Occupational & Health Instruction booklet which has been signed, and which is known by everyone. The Quality, Occupational Health & Environmental (KAM) handbook considers the environment and how it should be treated.

Convoi’s environmental policy is outlined in the instruction manual. These books are used as guidelines and are well known throughout the organisation. This policy adopts the 3 P’s of corporate social responsibility as its starting point: People – Planet – Profit.

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