Preparing, organising, supervising, and coordinating: the relocation manager

To carry out a commercial relocation in the most efficient way, requires guidance, insight, and experience. Companies normally do not have this type of knowledge within their organisation. Therefore, they can hire a relocation manager. The relocation manager can handle all organisational elements of the move. He can assist in preparing the internal organisation for the move, so things run smoothly.

The relocation manager’s tasks may include:

  • Compiling and managing project organisation
  • Creating a strategic plan and relocation budget
  • Designing plans for layouts, offices, and spaces (in AutoCAD)
  • Coordinating relocation activities among various departments
  • Planning a relocation for ICT equipment and MER spaces, please see Server Equipment
  • Coordinating communications with third parties
  • Preparing relocation scripts
  • Supervising packing and labelling of items being moved
  • Clearing out former locations in full, please see Waste Management

In addition, Convoi can draw up reports about workplace usage within your current premises. This report will form the basis of organising your new office space efficiently, and can therefore save you a lot of money!

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