Handle removal waste the way it should... by Convoi

More and more customers are vacating square metres of space via Convoi, who then return it to it its desired condition. As part of our concept, this process begins prior to any removal activities.

Services during the pre-removal phase include:

  • Inventory of waste
  • Giving advice on the most efficient way of cleaning up (also by selling furniture)
  • Providing adequate resources for collecting waste separately
  • Disposing of confidential documents (including certificates of destruction)

Relocation projects are made much easier by removing and relocating all of the excess paper (and surplus equipment) prior to the move. Your employees will then begin to experience the relocation.

Services during the post-removal phase include:

  • Disposing of excess furniture
  • Removing partition walls and carpet tiles
  • Broom cleaned hand-over

If you want to know more about how we work and about our projects, then please have a look at our testimonials. Should you require advice or a quotation, please contact us.