Relocation 1 km a day...

When relocating libraries and archives, often several kilometres worth of books and archives are involved. The Convoi relocation specialists provide the key to success here as they know how to deal with these types of situations. Whether it involves an internal move (inside the building), or an external move (to another location), Convoi will direct you to the correct address.

Procedures, experience, equipment

For example, if one kilometre’s worth of books per day requires moving, then you will need people who can closely follow the established procedures, and who have experience in doing so. The correct sequence for packing and unpacking is crucial. In addition to this, the appropriate use of materials is very important. For example, Convoi has lockable plastic archive trays, and lockable roll containers. And when it comes to custom sizes, we have a solution for you.


Archives contain a company’s confidential staff- and financial information, in case of hospitals this may be details about a hospital patient. So confidential information must be moved with the utmost level of care. For this reason, Convoi personnel are screened in advance.

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