Relocation of 100,000 items.... great!

Warehouse removals are considerably different to relocations which involve offices or machinery. Insights, experience, methodology, and procedures are particularly important. Moving a warehouse with 100,000 different items of different sizes, from small containers or packages to pallet locations and paternoster boxes – this cannot be underestimated, and is a job for the relocation specialists at Convoi.

Optimizing warehouse organisation

A 1 on 1 warehouse relocation is rarely the case, because it is the right time to optimize warehouse efficiency, and for providing a more suitable type of logistics. Turnover rate and pickup height form part of the new format. A warehouse simply cannot close for ‘one week’ because of relocation. The relocation specialists at Convoi are able to move your warehouse outside of opening hours. It will also be abundantly clear which stock has been located where during the process, hence no delays will be experienced. Reliability of your deliveries will not be jeopardised.

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