In Costa Rica, in the proximity of San Jose, the Conti Temic company set up a plant in 2007/2008. This factory was to be used to manufacture special electronic components for automatic transmissions in the motor industry for the American market. An installation line and various bond and laser automata had been delivered to the factory specifically for this purpose. Just as production was to be launched in November 2008, the worldwide economic crisis sparked the collapse of the entire motor market including its suppliers. This meant that all the orders placed with Conti Temic Costa Rica were cancelled. The Conti group decided to relocate to Nuremberg all the facilities which had been assembled by the end of the year but on which a complete product ready for launch had not yet been manufactured. As Convoi GmbH has completed a large number of orders for Continental AG over recent years to their total satisfaction, we once again won the tender for this relocation.

It turned out to be a challenging project with many unforeseen twists. Only 3 days before the start of the project, Costa Rica was hit by a devastating earthquake measuring 6,2 on the Righter scale. The state disaster control CNE declared a state of emergency in the areas concerned. The authorities warned for aftershock and landslides. After endless telephone calls, it was decided that the relocation deadline should not be postponed as the airport, the city centre of San José and the Conti factory including its access roads had not been affected by the damage. However, since our tool boxes containing all the equipment were delayed at Frankfurt airport because of the relief flights, a local building centre had to be found to provide us with essential tools. This was particularly important since both shipping deadlines with the corresponding defined loading capacities had been firmly reserved. The final relocation volumes corresponded to 40 sea containers. The reassembly of plant components was done at the Conti Temic factory in Nuremberg. Containers left every day from the harbour in Hamburg for the Conti premises where they were immediately received by Convoi and unloaded after passing through customs. All reassembly work was done within the appointed time frame, in spite of a number of obstacles. Another satisfying project for Continental AG.

Technical details

Relocation of production facilities