Convoi was commissioned by Faiveley of Remscheid to relocate a total of 50 machines from Remscheid to Witten (Germany). Faiveley Transport Group produces brake discs and coupling mechanisms for trains, including the French TGV. The big challenge was to move 4 large machines (14 to 25 tonnes each) from the third storey to the ground floor 24 metres below. By attaching electrical hoists to the lifting beams on the 400 tonne lifting gear, it was possible to lower these machines in safety through the various levels to the ground floor below.

Smaller machines could be lifted outside through openings in the roof construction by our Convoi site in Hagen (Germany). The machines were transported, connected electrically and mechanically, re-aligned and made ready for production by Convoi. In view of the tight schedule, a number of teams were deployed simultaneously on the various machines. One team, responsible for dismantling a machine in Remscheid, assembled the machine the very next day after being transported and delivered to Witten.

During the dismantling phase extensive consultation took place with the client, since production was still in full swing. Raw materials were supplied and (semi) fabricated goods dispatched whilst cranes and other removal equipment were being installed. The planning was crucial: machines which had been moved outside had to be loaded immediately onto trucks and taken off the premises, so that logistical operations at Faiveley could continue unabated.

Technical details

Industrial relocation 50 machines
Challenge: Relocate 4 machines from third storey to new location