Convoi has also had a base in the United Kingdom since 2008. This was the logical step to take in view of the many assignments we were contracted to do at various locations across the United Kingdom. With its automotive sector and its wealth of other industries it is one country where the Convoi staff involved in industrial relocations feel very much at home. Installing an MRI scanner was something the British Convoi team had never done before. But, of course, they were able to draw on the know-how of their colleagues who have years of experience installing Phillips scanners in, literally, all four corners of the world. To hospitals, a new MRI scanner is usually something they have been waiting for for ages, not to mention a hefty investment. So, it is little wonder that the local press is often invited to report on this happy event. To us, it was one more reason to ensure that everything would proceed without the slightest hiccup, because in a way it also generates publicity for our company. According to the Stobhill team, taking the pictures took longer than installing the scanner!

Needless to say, it all comes down to preparations, experience and using the correct methods and procedures. The locations would have been visited in advance, discussions would have been held with the hospital’s general and technical support services and the people from Phillips and the risks would have been charted. And it is not until the plan of action has been finally approved that the actual work commences.

Installing a scanner is precision work. By and large, hospitals haven’t really given a whole lot of thought to the accessibility of the MRI scanner’s actual location. And Stobhill was no exception. As the scanner had to be hoisted into the building at a height of 8 metres, scaffolding was required and a local hoisting firm was hired. Once the press photographs were done and dusted, we finalized the installation of yet another huge magnet.

Technical details

Installation 2 MRI scanners