JDR Cable Systems produce special braided steel-wire cables used primarily at sea. The company supplies airgun cables worldwide. An airgun cable consists of a hollow core through which compressed air is driven. These airgun cables are suspended at a depth of around 300 metres undersea and are towed by specially equipped vessels. The cables must be high-strength and waterproof. Convoi was commissioned by JDR to transport 50 production machines from 3 sites in Capelle aan den IJssel to new production facilities at Krimpen aan de Lek, covering an area of 20,000 m2.

The highlight of the move was the unloading and installation of a marine cable production machine for submarine cables from Italy. With a total length of 60 metres and a weight of 150 tonnes, overland transport was not an option. The heaviest part of the machine was delivered by pontoon. The machine is used to fit the submarine cables with steel wire. The heaviest section was transported by water, because otherwise, it was likely that the Zaag bridge would give way under the weight of the machine.

What’s more, the diameter was so large that it would not fit across the bridge. The cable machine, manufactured in Italy, was put on shore in Krimpen aan de Lek in two sections. A floating barge was used to carefully unload the machine, because otherwise it would have run aground as soon as the tide went out. The floating barge positioned the cable machine on two industrial rollers. Using lifting gear with a 600 tonne capacity, this leviathan was positioned at a slightly tilted angle precisely onto the rollers and moved. The machine was then installed into its final position.

Technical details

Complete relocation 3 locations to 1