In preparation of the production of parts for the XC60 model at Volvo Cars in Ghent (Belgium), Convoi was asked to submit a quotation to KUKA in Augsburg – Germany for the dismantling of a UB3 area. This was the very first time that KUKA gave Convoi a chance to prove itself as this request came from KUKA directly. With some 3,500 employees across 15 different countries it is safe to say that KUKA is a serious player in the automotive industry.

We were given 5 weeks to clear the entire area and to complete the contract in full. No mean feat, as the area in question was roughly the size of a soccer field, subdivided into 2 sections, full of robots, 7th axes, conveyors across 2 floors, safety gates and robot tables. Health and safety regulations had to be followed to the letter. At that, there was the 2-shift production in the adjoining areas to be taken into consideration.

The equipment that needed to be removed had to be stored at various locations throughout the plant. Some of the equipment earmarked for reuse remained on level UB3, while some of it had to be lifted out, via a platform, with a 25-ton crane Convoi Germany had supplied, and loaded onto lorries before being transported to KUKA Augsburg for modification prior to reuse. The remainder had to be taken out of the building with that same crane and lowered into scrap containers.

Project completed, we were told that Convoi could take a bow for the professional and meticulous way the whole assignment had been accomplished.

Technical details