Under the slogan ‘Operation One Location’, the two sites of the Martini Ziekenhuis were relocated to a single brand-new, state-of-the-art hospital. Following extensive consultation and through a combination of expertise on the part of all those involved, the move was planned in such a way that this could take place entirely when hospital was operating at reduced levels. This meant that the hospital was rehoused during the Christmas break. Because of the large volumes, work was also carried out at weekends.

During the preliminary phase, a comprehensive timetable was put together. An inventory was performed on all departments by the Convoi Project Manager. In addition to the volume, each department was asked to indicate any special requirements in respect of the transfer of patients, equipment, (sterile) appliances, medicines and furniture. Removal and packing materials were delivered long before the move actually took place. During the actual move, there was daily contact between the Convoi Project Manager and the Project Manager at the Martini hospital. For any move of this type, additional attention has to focus on the transfer of patients. The Martini hospital was responsible for moving all patients on the wards, with priority being given to the children’s ward. The detailed schedule took into account the likelihood of unexpected additional patient transfers Special ambulances, equipped with heating, all necessary power and oxygen lines and other medical appliances, were arranged for the transfer of patients.

In addition to general wards, operating theatres, the A&E department and out-patient clinics were also moved.

Technical details

St. Clara ziekenhuis en Zuiderziekenhuis naar nieuwbouw Maasstad ziekenhuis
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