Every project brings its own surprises. The plans are drawn up, CAD drawings prepared, people and equipment are allocated, arrangements are made and deadlines are set. And it wasn’t any different when the time came to install the tile press at Royal Dutch Mosa in Maastricht. So, at the prearranged time, the assigned Convoi staff headed for Maastricht, lift system and equipment in tow. But the tile press was nowhere to be seen. In the end, the lift system spent 3 weeks standing around for the tile press which was due to arrive from Milan in Italy. The whereabouts of the tile press were a complete mystery. Now, how a 110-ton piece of equipment can vanish into thin air is really anyone’s guess! In the end, it turned out that the permit systems in France and Belgium were to be blamed for this extraordinary delay.

The delight at Mosa when the press finally drove through the gate was immense. Not a second was wasted: the press was immediately unloaded with the lift system, placed onto a 180-ton Greiner and transported inside with a 16-ton fork-lift truck. Meanwhile, the lift system was dismantled outside and subsequently reassembled indoors with one of its hoisting beams running through the existing building so that we would be able to lift the press from its original horizontal position on the Greiner into the required vertical position. Once in its vertical position (with 10 mm to spare!) the press had to be moved some 3 metres further up and shifted ever so slightly so that it would end up in line in a 1.5-m deep pit.

Needless to say, all is well that ends well and the press was aligned to a tenth of a millimetre and our job completed. With the press in place, Mosa will now be in a position to produce 1m² tiles and introduce a wealth of product innovations.

Technical details

Installing new Siti tile press Weight 110 tons
Maastricht The Netherlands
- Lift system - Heavy duty industrial roller - Several forklift trucks
4 relocation engineers