Convoi completed a mammoth relocation job for Shell, one in which our entire range of skills was put to the test. Workstations, technical installations, chemicals, archives, hazardous substances and drums, the whole plant had to be moved lock, stock and barrel to the new SRTCA (Shell Research Technology Centre Amsterdam) site. An 800-metre move which, including the 15 months we spent on preparations, took a total of 20 months to complete.

Everything had to be prepared meticulously as the stringency of the Shell work methods and procedures is second to none. Safety and communication being of the essence, there were always appointed safety persons and a health and safety expert on site. To ensure smooth communication between Convoi and Shell, a special Relocation Service Desk officer was appointed who gathered all the Convoi and Shell queries and kept all the Shell staff posted on what was about to be moved to where and when.

During that period we moved 1,400 entire workstations, including cupboards, archives and such like, not to mention glassware and oil baths, 45,000 kg of hazardous substances with all the relevant documentation and 800 drums from the stores.

The industrial side of this relocation project involved moving some 1,000 IDs, which could be anything from a simple laboratory arrangement to a complete 85-ton outdoor installation. Every ID had to be released, cleared of all liquids and gasses before it could be electrically disconnected, all in accordance with the pre-arranged plans.

All in all, this relocation project was an extremely complicated and taxing one. Yet, it was also a very satisfying one as a large-scale satisfaction survey among Shell staff showed that our efforts had been rewarded with a very impressive average score of 90%!

Technical details